Tutorial: Chase Scene in C4D using Multiple Cameras, Stage Object and importing into After Effects CC using Cineware plugin

By July 14, 2013 Blog

In this tutorial, I will walk you through on how to create a quick camera chase scene using multiple cameras in Cinema 4D using the Stage Object to create quick cuts. I will also show you how to incorporate the Motion Camera Tag into a few of the cameras to get a dynamic chase effect. Then we will use the New Cineware plugin by Maxon to import our Cinema 4D scene into After Effects CC.

Here is the link to Nate Mcgraw’s Motion Camera Tutorial on Chicago Cinema 4D website for some in depth info.
Chicago C4D: Motion Camera Tag tutorial by Nate Mcgraw

Here is the link to my Multiple Camera Tutorial
on my website I talked about in the video.
Creating Multiple Cameras Using Stage Object in Cinema 4D and exporting to After Effects


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